Frequently Asked Questions

Can the cars do extra trips?

Yes, we can take the Bridesmaids first if necessary and there is no extra charge if the distance is small.

How much extra for mileage over the 15 miles?

As a general rule, we charge £1.00 per mile for every mile over a 15 mile return journey from our base.

What colours of ribbon can we have?

We stock most colours and we are happy to supply any colour as long as it’s available and we have at least 2 weeks notice.

Can we bring our baby?

Yes but we may ask you to supply your own child car seat, we only carry child booster seats in the Mercedes. Vintage cars do not have seat belts so we are unable to fit child seats.

What happens it if rains?

We always carry a full compliment of umbrellas in white, ivory and black.

What happens if the car breaks down?

In the unlikely event that we have a mechanical failure then we may call upon our many associates to assist. Our cars are very well maintained.